LASIK Surgery: Is It Right for You?

Thinking About LASIK?

People with near- or farsightedness often turn to LASIK procedures as an alternative to contact lenses or glasses. If you want to improve your vision and cut down on the long-term costs of vision correction, there is a chance a LASIK procedure will be a worthwhile investment.

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) has been a leading vision correction surgery since the early 2000s. LASIK procedures have good track records of success; according to the Mayo Clinic, complications that result in vision loss are rare, and most people report immense satisfaction with the results.

That said, eye surgery is still a big deal. How do you know if a LASIK procedure is right for you? Let’s examine some benefits that lead the Northwest Eye Center staff to recommend LASIK to patients.

Reduced Risk of Eye Infections

If you’re a contact lens wearer, you’ve probably contended with a fair share of eye infections in your day. The fact that you’re constantly putting your fingers in your eyes—regardless of how diligent you are about washing your hands—puts you at risk for infection. A LASIK procedure will not only eliminate the need to wear contacts every day but will also help you break the habit of touching your eyes, both of which reduce your risk of infection.

Better Correction Than Glasses

Sure, eye correction via glasses is reliable and effective—plus, it’s far better than not being able to see at all—but LASIK procedures offer more precise correction specifically calibrated to your eyes than what you can get from even the most precise glasses prescription. Additionally, a LASIK procedure can correct astigmatism in addition to your near- or farsightedness, which is difficult to correct with lenses alone.

Less Cost and Hassle

Remembering to pack enough contacts before a business trip. Fumbling for your glasses when an alarm goes off in the middle of the night. Spending extra money on a pair of sport glasses just to engage in your favorite hobby. All these things are inconvenient and potentially costly, and a LASIK procedure can eliminate all that hassle at once.

Additionally, your LASIK procedure will pay for itself. The average LASIK procedure candidate will save the equivalent of eight to 10 years of prescription glasses and contacts costs. Plus, Northwest Eye Center partners with Care Credit and Alphion to ensure those interested in a LASIK procedure have access to financing options that are right for them and their budget.

Low Recovery Time

If you’re interested in a LASIK procedure because you live an active lifestyle and hate having it hampered by glasses or contacts, you’ll be glad to know that the LASIK procedure only takes a few minutes, and you’ll start seeing results (literally) in the first few hours post-surgery. Outside of using eye drops on a schedule prescribed by your ophthalmologist for the weeks following your procedure, you’ll be able to forget you ever had a vision that was anything less than perfect.

Contact Panorama LASIK Today!

If you and your eye doctor determine you’re a candidate for a LASIK procedure, talk to an ophthalmologist at Panorama LASIK to get a sense of if laser vision correction is right for you. Contact us today to learn more or request your free consultation.

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