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Laser Vision Correction At Panorama Eyecare

Laser Vision Correction Financing

Affordable Financing

If you want better vision, the team at Panorama LASIK doesn’t want cost to stand in your way. We offer various affordable financing options to help you see better.

Flexible Spending Accounts/Health Savings Account

If you have access to a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account, you may be able to set aside pre-tax earnings to save for elective procedures and ultimately end up spending less on the overall cost. There are restrictions with these plans regarding the timeframe when the money must be used, so make sure you know all of the specific rules of your plan before enrolling.

Payment Options

At Panorama LASIK we accept the following credit cards:

We also accept cash and personal checks.

Our staff will be happy to help you understand your options when it comes to affording eye care.

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Why Choose Panorama LASIK

World Class Surgeons

Our surgeons are the premiere laser vision correction providers in your region, so you can rest assured that you will be placing your eye health in good hands.

Technology Research & Implementation

We take time to fully research new technologies and implement the very best options for our patients.

Multiple Vision Correction Platforms Available

This allows us to select the right technology to correct your vision imperfections with greater accuracy and safety than ever before.

100,000+ Procedures Performed

The team at Panorama Eyecare has performed over 100,000 refractive surgery procedures, helping thousands of people see more clearly.

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