What Kind of Doctors Perform LASIK Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is a safe, reliable, and effective procedure that is performed by highly skilled and experienced LASIK doctors. LASIK doctors are ophthalmologists who have undergone extensive training and education in LASIK surgery. Before you decide to get a LASIK procedure, you should make sure that you fully understand the procedure. The first step you should take is visiting an ophthalmologist for a LASIK consultation. As with any type of eye surgery, LASIK does have some mild side effects and rare risks, but your ophthalmologist would not recommend LASIK eye surgery to you if you weren’t a good candidate for a successful LASIK procedure.

Qualifications of LASIK Doctors

Before scheduling a LASIK consultation, you should make sure that the ophthalmologist you choose is fully qualified in LASIK surgery. In order to perform LASIK procedures, ophthalmologists need to be licensed and experienced. You should verify these qualifications:

  • Licensing – You should verify that your ophthalmologist is fully licensed to perform eye surgery in the state in which you reside
  • Board Certification – Aboard certified ophthalmologist has undergone more extensive training, education, and testing than one who isn’t board certified. The American Board of Ophthalmology allows you to verify certification history and licensing for eye doctors at their website.
  • Patient Reviews – Read patient reviews online before choosing a LASIK specialist.
  • Technology – Find out what kind of technology your ophthalmologist uses.

How to Find a LASIK Doctor

When looking for a LASIK provider, you should first ask friends and family if they have any good recommendations. Next, you can try searching online for LASIK doctors near you. You can then look them up and verify them using the information above. Finally, just because you visit an ophthalmologist for a LASIK consultation doesn’t mean you need to choose them. Use the LASIK consultation as a chance to get to know the ophthalmologist, ask questions, and find out if they are someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK?

Before making an appointment for a LASIK consultation, it helps to know if you are a good candidate for LASIK. You cannot get LASIK in Cheyenne, WY, if you:

  • Are under 18
  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Have diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or dry eye syndrome
  • Have thin corneas
  • Are taking certain medications
  • Are in poor health
  • Have an unstable vision prescription

What to Expect at Your LASIK Consultation

During your LASIK consultation, the ophthalmologist will perform a full eye exam. This includes a vision test and diagnostic tests to evaluate your eye health. He will also take a complete medical history, so prepare ahead of time and have family medical information available. You may also be referred to your physician for a physical exam. The ophthalmologist will determine if you are a good candidate for eye surgery and will discuss your eye surgery options. If the ophthalmologist offers options other than LASIK, he will go over those so you can make an informed decision about which eye surgery procedure is right for you.

LASIK Surgery in Cheyenne, WY

If you’re interested in having a LASIK procedure done and think you’re ready for a LASIK consultation with an eye surgeon, trust us at Panorama LASIK. We serve all of Colorado, and we utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide comprehensive medical and surgical eye care. We’re committed to enhancing quality of life through exceptional patient care, and our doctors and staff members are second to none. Request an appointment with our community-oriented practice to learn how we work to understand your needs and exceed your expectations, call us at (970) 232-1565, or contact us today!

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