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About SMILE® ReLEx®

What Can SMILE® ReLEx® Correct?

This procedure is designed for patients with nearsightedness (myopia) who have a desire to live life without glasses or contact lenses. SMILE is performed to alter the shape of the cornea so light entering the eyes can land more directly on the retina resulting in clear, sharp vision. Every eye is unique, so our SMILE process is completely customized for your vision challenges (not all vision centers offer this level of customization).

Note: SMILE is not performed on patients with farsightedness (hyperopia).

What Are The Steps Of SMILE?

SMILE is a blade-free vision correction method that is gentle and quick (25 seconds for the laser portion of the procedure). Because there is no corneal flap created during the procedure, the structure and stability of the cornea is preserved. The incision heals naturally, without the need for stitches. Most patients can return to normal activities the day after the procedure and most will begin to see vision improvement in 1-2 days. There is a reduced need for retreatments and the possibility of reduced dry eye after SMILE.

Step 1 of Lasik Treatment at Panorama Lasik in Colorado

Step 1

Anesthetic eye drops are administered to numb your eyes. A lid speculum is used to keep your eyes open.

Step 2 of Lasik Treatment at Panorama Lasik

Step 2

Your doctor creates a very tiny incision on your cornea using Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser technology.

Step 3 of Lasik Treatment at Panorama Lasik in Colorado

Step 3

Using the same VisuMax laser, a tiny contact lens shaped piece of cornea (lenticule) is removed. This is where the corneal reshaping part occurs. The entire procedure is done in a single step, making it more comfortable for patients.

How Different Is SMILE from LASIK?

The SMILE incision is significantly smaller than a LASIK incision (approximately 20mm vs. 4mm). SMILE eliminates the need for a corneal flap, which is the first step in LASIK. This fact makes SMILE a good alternative for patients who have myopia, thin corneas and/or chronic dry eye. If you have been turned down for LASIK in the past, you owe it to yourself to find out if SMILE would be a safe and effective alternative to improve your vision.

How Life Can Change After SMILE?

SMILE has provided many of our patients with clearer, crisper vision than they ever imagined. For those leading active lifestyles, the freedom of life without the hassle of contacts or glasses is greatly rewarding. Even waking up every morning with clear sight can be truly life-changing. Lastly, the ongoing expenses and hassles of buying contacts and new glasses may be eliminated by investing in the one-time cost of SMILE.

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Leaders In Vision Correction Technology

No two eyes are exactly the same. No singular vision correction technology can provide the best outcomes for every unique set of eyes.

This gives our doctors the flexibility to select the right technology to correct your vision imperfections with greater accuracy and safety than ever before. The entire vision correction experience is customized from start to finish. We offer today’s most advanced, FDA-approved lasers for your procedure.

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